24 Hour Access

Telephone Banking – 701-348-9200
Toll Free from Anywhere - 1-888-270-3208

Telephone Banking – Private, easy, and convenient banking from your touchtone telephone. All you need is your customer number and P.I.N.

  • Checking Balances and History
  • Savings Balances and History
  • Loan and Ready Reserve Balances and Payments
  • Certificates of Deposit Balances & Information
  • Fund Transfers

Internet Banking – www.bankofglenullin.com

Internet Banking – Bank with a Web Browser from any Personal Computer. All activity is personal, confidential and completely secured.

  • Account Balances and Historical Information
  • Downloads to Quicken and Money
  • Fund Transfers
  • Loan and Ready Reserve Payments
  • Pending ACH and Auto Debit Transactions
  • Bill Pay
  • External Transfers - Trafsfer to or from another Financial Institution
  • E-Statements
  • Check Re-order
  • Financial Calculators
  • Much More